Milk Thistle Seed contains the chemical "silymarin" a super anti-oxidant which protects the liver from toxins and pollutants by preventing free radical damage.  Silimarin Extract (Milk Thistle Seed) stimulates the production of new liver cells.  It reduces toxicity and reverses liver damage caused by most prescription and over-the counter drugs, including, acetaminophen, Aspirin, nicotine, cholesterol-lowering drugs, chemotherapy drugs, psychotropic drugs, allergy drugs, blood pressure lowering drugs, and alcohol.  It protects against pollutants such as carbon monoxide, pesticides and herbicides, by breaking them down from potentially lethal substances into those that are less destructive to the body.  It has been used to treat liver disease, including hepatitis and cirrhosis.  It improves blood platelet count and white blood cell count.  It is believed to have an anti-cancer effect on both breast and prostate cancer.  Silimarin Extract (Milk Thistle Seed) strengthens the heart and lungs; increases the flow of oxygen to the brain.

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