IMPORTANCE:  Selenium is a major anti-oxidant which protect cell membranes; preserves tissue elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.  It protects and stimulates the immune system; protects against various types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks.  It protects against cataract formation; alleviates hot flashes and menopausal distress; helps in the treatment and prevention of dandruff and dry skin.  Selenium raises sperm count and increase fertility in men; protects against a variety of viral infections; plays a vital role in regulating the effects of thyroid hormone on fat metabolism.  Selenium when combined with Vitamin E & Zinc may provide relief from an enlarged prostate.  It protects the liver in people with alcoholic cirrhosis; decreases platelet clotting in the bloodstream.  It slows down aging and hardening of tissues through oxidation; may help protect against the damage caused by air pollution and smoke.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS: May result in premature aging, heart disease, psoriasis, dandruff, loose skin, eczema.

Formulas that contain SELENIUM:  Alert Heart Maximus One Two Three Four Five Six Seven.

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ANR Heart Formula


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ANR Formula Two


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ANR Formula Three


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ANR Maximus Formula


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ANR Formula One


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ANR Alert Formula