Turmeric Rhizomes is a powerful anti-oxidant which has shown to be particularly helpful in reducing the "free-radical" damage inflicted on smokers by the carcinogenic chemicals in cigarettes.  It inhibits the activity of certain proteins that may trigger the growth of breast tumors; prevents LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized and damaging arteries.  It lowers cholesterol; prevents plaque formation and inhibits the formation of blood clots by inhibiting platelet aggregation.  It contains a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical called curcumin that is effective for arthritis symptoms.  It aids circulation and improves blood vessel health; stimulates the flow of bile and the breakdown of dietary fats.  It has been used to treat liver related disorders, such as jaundice; protects against gallbladder disease; contains substances that help prevent the liver from being damaged by toxic chemicals.  Turmeric Rhizomes may help prevent and dissolve gallstones; lessens PMS symptoms by regulating and balancing hormones. 

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