IMPORTANCE:  Potassium is an extremely important electrolyte which is essential for a healthy nervous system and a regular heart rhythm.  It helps prevents strokes, aids in proper muscle contraction, and works with sodium to control the body's water balance.  It aids in maintaining stable blood pressure and in transmitting electrochemical impulses.  It regulates the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes.  Potassium, together with magnesium, can help prevent kidney stones.  It promotes healthy adrenal glands; helps stop the buildup of cholesterol-laden plaque; aids in clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain and stimulates the kidneys to eliminate poisonous body wastes.  Potassium is very effective in reducing high blood pressure, keeps the heart muscle strong, and prevents leg cramps.

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS: May result in poor reflexes, nervous disorders, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, muscle damage.

Formulas that contain POTASSIUM:  Alert Heart Maximus One Two Three Four Five Six Seven.

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ANR Heart Formula


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ANR Formula Two


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ANR Formula Three


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ANR Maximus Formula


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ANR Formula One


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ANR Alert Formula