Olive Leaf Extract is an anti-oxidant that prevents hardening of the arteries.  It inhibits blood platelet aggregation; contains oleuropein which promotes dilation (the expanding/contracting ability) of the arteries, which in turn increases coronary artery blood flow.  It lowers cholesterol and helps maintain normal blood pressure levels.  It promotes normal blood sugar levels; supports the immune, circulatory, urinary and digestive systems.  Olive Leaf Extract is used in eliminating viruses.  It prevents bacteria from becoming established and/or spreading and prevents them from reproducing.  It is believed to help protect against viruses, influenza, pneumonia, sore throat, sinusitis, skin infections, rashes, as well as fungal, yeast, and bacterial infections.  Olive Leaf Extract has been used to destroy parasites, such as, roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and flatworm.

Formulas that contain OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT:   Heart  Maximus 

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ANR Heart Formula


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ANR Maximus Formula


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