Soya Lecithin is needed by every living cell in the body. Cell membranes, which regulate which nutrients may leave or enter the cell, are largely composed of lecithin. Without lecithin, cell membranes would harden.  It protects the cells from damage by oxidation and breaks up fats in the body.  It keeps cholesterol from forming dangerous deposits in blood vessels, lessening chances of heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and gallstone formation.  It prevents arterial congestion and protects against cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol; the nutrient Choline, found in lecithin, protects against Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.  It helps to redistribute body weight; protects vital organs and arteries from fatty buildup.  It stimulates the immune system, cleanses the liver and purifies the kidneys.  Soya Lecithin makes the blood less sticky, so it can move more efficiently throughout the vascular system.

Formulas that contain SOYA LECITHIN:   Heart Two Four Six Seven.

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ANR Heart Formula


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