L-Carnitine is a "free form" amino acid which provides a major source of energy for muscles.  It increases the use of fat as an energy source, thus preventing fatty buildup in the heart, liver, and skeletal muscles.  It strengthens the heart muscle, by improving oxygen utilization; lowers blood pressure; useful in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  L-Carnitine reduces health risks posed by poor fat metabolism associated with diabetes.  It lessens the risk of heart disease, by lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels; helps ease the pain of intermittent claudication, a condition in which a blocked artery in the thigh decreases the supply of blood and oxygen to leg muscles.  It has been used in treating Alzheimer's disease and age-related memory loss.  L-Carnitine builds muscle tissue and increases stamina; aids in weight loss; increases sperm count and motility.

Formulas that contain L-CARNITINE:   Heart 

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