(zangiber officinale)

The rhizome of ginger is used not only as a flavoring for drinks like ginger ale but has also been used as an herbal remedy for asthma and coughs related to inflammation or allergies. There are over 80 species of ginger, historically found in China, Japan, Australia and Hawaii.

Ginger Root (Zangiber Officinale) reduces the risk of a heart attack by reducing blood platelet "clumping".  It thins the blood and stimulates circulation and blood flow.  It reduces spasms, cramping, indigestion, nausea, coughs, sinusitis, and sore throat.  It fights inflammation, and cleanses the colon and aids digestion by relieving gas and bloating.  It helps with arthritis, phlebitis, and muscle soreness, by reducing pain and swelling.  It has been used for heartburn, ulcers, impotence, intermittent claudication, and motion sickness.  Ginger Root increases energy levels. 

Formulas that contain GINGER ROOT:  Alert Heart Maximus Three Five Six Seven.

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