(anthemis nobilis - Roman, matricaria chamomilla - German) 

The parts of the chamomile plant used are its flowers. Known as an ingredient in many teas, chamomile is used to relax, aid digestion, relieve headaches and help treat allergies. Chamomile Flower is a popular remedy in France and Spain for gas and cramps of the stomach, to treat colic and to induce sleep.  It is also a common ingredient in shampoos and perfumes. 

It is used for eliminating menstrual cramps and reduceing inflammation.  It aids digestion and sleep and acts as a diuretic by eliminating excess fluids.  It calms shattered nerves, reduces stress and anxiety.  It relieves indigestion, gas, and flatulence.  It may be helpful for colitis, diverticulosis, fever, headaches, and pain.  It promotes a hormone which rejuvenates hair and skin texture.  Chamomile Flower helps increase mental alertness.

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