ARGININE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) 

Arginine is considered ''The Natural Viagra" by increasing blood flow to the penis.  It retards the growth of tumors and cancer by enhancing the immune system and increases the size and activity of the thymus gland, which manufactures T cells, crucial components of the immune system.  It aids in liver detoxification by neutralizing ammonia and reduces the effects of chronic alcohol toxicity.  It has been used in treating sterility in men by increasing sperm count.  It aids in weight loss because it facilitates an increase in muscle mass and a reduction of body fat.  It assists the release of growth hormones, which is crucial for "optimal" muscle growth and tissue repair.  Arginine is a major component of collagen which is good for arthritis and connective tissue disorders.  It aids in stimulating the pancreas to release insulin.

Formulas that contain ARGININE (NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID):  Alert Two Three Four Five Six Seven.

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ANR Heart Formula


Picture of ANR Formula Level Two. 
ANR Formula Two


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ANR Formula Three


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ANR Maximus Formula


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ANR Formula One


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ANR Alert Formula